Brondings' Honour

by Ann Ewan

The cover of the book showing Dayraven with the fort in the background

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Here are the reviews of Brondings' Honour and a list of the readings and signings that I did in Southern Ontario. You can see pictures of my book launch from that page as well.

What the story is about:

Brondings' Honour is the man responsible for making sure outsiders deal fairly with the small and isolated Bronding clan, and that Brondings deal fairly with outsiders. When the current Honour, Sigurd, is killed far from the fort, Dayraven magically witnesses his murder. She sees him killed by three men, who are being given orders by a wizard.

Dayraven is just learning to be a healer, and isn't sure she's very good at that. Now she finds herself suddenly responsible for avenging Sigurd's murder and taking his place. She has never learned to use a sword and has never even heard of a female Honour. As a healer, she wants to heal people, not kill them. Besides, if she goes all the way to Kingstown, who's going to look after her little brother Derwin? But the magic Torc is tight around her neck and she realizes that she has no choice...

A note from the author:

Brondings' Honour and my first book, Firedrake, were published by a Canadian publisher, Thistledown Press in Saskatchewan. You can find them on the net at:

If you click on "Download Media Kit," you can read the first chapter of the book to see if you like it.

There's a picture of me there, as well, if you click on my name. I live in North York, just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In fact it's now part of Toronto.

My good friend Paul Sahota did the cover of the book, and also the wonderful map inside. Maps are great for bringing fantasy worlds to life - and forcing the author to think of all the details!

Here's a list of my readings and signings in Southern Ontario. If you are close enough, please drop by.

How to get a copy:

Brondings' Honour is available in the bookstores. It's usually in the teen section, since it's listed for ages 13 and up. My first book Firedrake, is usually in the 9-12 section, but anyone who enjoys fantasy will enjoy it as well.

You can also order Brondings' Honour from Indigo, from , or from .

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