Advertising and Television and the Unknown


Waldings are curious. We like to ask questions, and sometimes we like to get answers, too. The other day Grannus was planning to watch a TV program and it was pre-empted by a football game. What happens to the advertisers when a program is pre-empted? We wondered. After all, they must have paid to advertise on that program, and now the program is gone!

We decided to ask the TV stations. One of us wrote a very business-like letter, which we sent to ON-TV, CKCO, CFTO, CBS, NBC, FOX, City-TV, ABC.


I am writing at this time because I have an enquiry about advertising and television movies. This question is partially out of curiosity and partially an advance business enquiry.

I understand that commercial time is bought and paid for during television movies, for example. Now, let's say that a particular TV movie is pre-empted for a sports event. My question is what happens to the commercial time already bought for that movie. Is the advertiser given a spot on the sports event or is he given another choice of a later television movie. Or does the advertiser simply lose the advertising time due to the pre-emption. Simply put, what happens to the advertiser and his commercial because of the pre-emption?

If you could help me out and answer this particular question, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing your response.


Responses from TV stations

We only received responses from 3 TV stations. Here they are:
ON-TV said:

To answer your questions, if a movie is pre-empted by special programming the commercial may remain in the special program or may be moved to an equal program as the movie. In either instance the advertiser is notified and the option to stay or move is given.


FOX said:

In effect, we have to give the advertisers their money back. We ask if they want to advertise instead in the sporting event or another movie, and most will do so, but if they do not want to it is totally up to them.

Thanks for writing

CITY-TV wrote back and told us that it was privileged information, and refused to answer the question!
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