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We answer all the mail we receive. If you have sent mail about Unicorn Quest and not heard from us, then either we did not receive your mail or we cannot respond to the mail address in your browser. (Some browsers don't provide the full email address of the sender.) If you have a question that is not answered here, please write to Thelion.

Candy as an incentive

A teacher writes:
Thank you for your suggestions... For my kids at home I made up the "Jolly Rancher Club" (they get a Jolly Rancher every typing session in which their adjusted wpm goes up)... The kids at school will work hard to earn a piece of candy so they are learning to type during their free time.

At home we use Macs, the program works well on both the eMac and a very old quadra... At school we have PCs... The program has suddenly become interesting enough that I had to make a sign up sheet for it. They are choosing it over regular computer games.

The price of software

A complainant writes:
I had a look at your software, but can't believe the price of it. I paid $10.00 for the XXXX program. That is reasonably professional. Are you sure you want $46.00?
Thelion responds:
The price? Hey, our software is free! People are picking it up all over the place. Maybe you didn't see the free registration form available from our home page.

We wrote the software to help kids, especially handicapped kids, learn to type. We gave it a price to be able to advertise it on all the Web shareware sites, and also so that people who want to support programs like this can make a contribution if they want to. We like getting free registrations just as much. We enjoy hearing from people who use our software.

Use in a school

Two teachers write:
We love your program! We are teaching a summer school class and we would like to use your program to provide practice in keyboarding for our elementary students.

There is no mention on your home page for the necessity to register the program or of a time limit during which it may be used. Would you please advise us if such limitations do exist and what they are? If there are none, we would appreciate your letting us know, too. Thank you!

Thelion answers:
We're glad you like Unicorn Quest. There is no time limit on the program, and no necessity to register. We wrote it originally to help one-handed people, especially kids, learn to type and were not expecting to make any money. We like the program to be used, and we enjoy hearing from people who use it (like you).

We hope that the program works well for you, and that your summer school class is a great success.

Why are the first keys taught f,g,h,j?

A mother writes:
I love the concept of the unicorn typing program but I'm unsure of why the first keys taught were f g h & j; whether it was set for one handed or both. I also was not sure why there was no chance to have more than one child set up. Thank you for your time. Have a good evening and may the dream live on!
Thelion replies:
Some programs teach one hand first, some both. Ours teaches one first because it was originally designed for one-handed typists. Anyway, this way most people's weaker hand (the left) gets more initial practice.

The program was designed so that the shareware version only allows one user at a time. To start Unicorn Quest again from the beginning, delete STUDENT.DAT and the .CRT files.

You have a good evening, too, and visit us in Esmerel anytime!

Customization for missing fingers

An eager writer asks:
Can this typing tutor be customized for a missing right hand index finger? I have been wanting to learn how to type for many years. Any help would be appreciated.
Thelion answers:
It was nice to hear from you. Unicorn Quest was originally designed with the idea of extending it to allow customization. With the new version (2.2), that has become much easier. We would be happy to provide you with a customized Unicorn Quest.

A compliment

A writer tells us:
My mate Matt said your typing program is better than Duke Nukem.
Thelion answers:
Thanks! I am especially pleased as I am a Duke Nukem fan myself!

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