Unicorn Quest for Mac

Sorry, but this old Beta no longer works with the current Mac OS. It is for older Macs only. The latest Macs won't run Unicorn Quest, which was compiled for pre-MacOS X.

If you have an old enough Mac, I have two versions available -- a large character version, which most of you will probably want, and a small character version for those of you with small screens (such as on Mac Classics).

Before you download it and get started, please read this page -- it has some very important information for all users.

First of all, this was a beta release. That means it was never a finished product. We know there are a few things that don't work.

How to Play MacUnicornQuest

The following instructions will get you started. For more information about the game, see the "Directions for Play" file.
  1. Open the "MacUQ 3.2 files" folder and double-click the "MacUQ 3.2s b981003" icon. (This folder holds the data files used by the game -- don't move, rename or delete any of them!) For your later convenience you may want to make an alias of the program and keep it outside the folder, to save scrolling.
  2. This version of MacUnicornQuest is adapted from an MS-DOS game, so it doesn't use the mouse at all. (After all, you're supposed to be learning to type!)
  3. Navigate the screens and menu options by using the arrow keys to move the highlight from item to item. Use the [esc] (escape) key to jump back one screen at any time. Select items with the [return] or [enter] key.
  4. Enjoy the game!

Minimum Requirements

Things That Don't Work Yet

Extremely Important Notice for Users of Black-and-White Macs

If you are using a "toaster-style" Mac such as the Mac Classic with a built-in black-and-white monitor, MacUnicornQuest will not display some information correctly. There is a work-around for this, which will take you just a couple of minutes.
  1. Double-click the "MacUQ 3.2s b981003" icon to start the program. You will see the main window appear, but it will be solid black. Wait a few seconds, then press the [return] key.
  2. At the next screen you will asked for your name. Type it in and press [return]. You will then be asked to select LEFT, RIGHT or BOTH for the hands you will use in the typing exercises. Use the left and right arrow keys, if necessary, to move the highlight onto your choice and press [return].
  3. There will be a short delay while MacUnicornQuest writes your information into a file named "STUDENT.DAT". The main menu screen will then appear. Quit the program as follows: press the X key to highlight the "Exit" option, press [return] to select it, and press [return] again at the credits screen to quit.
  4. Open the "MacUQ 3.2 files" folder and look for the just-created STUDENT.DAT file. Open it with TeachText, SimpleText or any word processor.
  5. Change the last line of text from:
  6. In TeachText or SimpleText, save the changed file and quit. (If you use Microsoft Word, use the "Save As..." command and next to Save File As Type select "Text Only" -- replace the original file and ignore any warnings about loss of formatting information. In other word processors, be sure to save the file as plain, unformatted text. Quit the word processor.)
  7. MacUnicornQuest will display correctly in black and white the next time you start the program.

Download Unicorn Quest for Mac

For those of you who didn't get it at the top of the page, here's another place where you can download Unicorn Quest for the Macintosh or, if you have a Mac with a small screen, the small character version. Enjoy!

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