Silly Ads and Slogans

Canadian Honda ads

Have you noticed? Those Honda ads saying, "Thank you, Canada" in big letters also show a car and under it, in small letters, say, "US model shown." What, even for an ad specifically targeted at Canadians, they couldn't find a Canadian model car? Obviously they're not THAT grateful...

Ford truck ads

Have you noticed the Ford truck ads? They claim that the Ford truck is "Loaded with everything you want and more." It's good that it has everything I want, but what's the "more?" Things I don't want? Like what, rust spots?

Customized pens

Our friends at Sufficiently Advanced Technology (who brought you Unicorn Quest) recently received a sample pen from a company which makes customized pens. The sample calls the company "Sufficiently Advanced Technolo". Do they really think that's good advertising?

And what about KFC?

I really have a problem with the Kentucky Fried Chicken television commercials. "Chances are you remember your first taste. Well, now that great taste is marinated. It's the KFC you always loved, only better!"

In other words, you'd better remember that taste, because you're not going to be able to taste it any more. They've changed it! I don't understand these companies that are continually messing with a winning formula.

Update: Now they've also changed their fries. Hope you can remember that taste you loved, because it's all different now.

Mr. Big ads

Has anyone else noticed the contradication in those subway and bus ads that use Shaquille O'Neal to advertise Mr. Big chocolate bars? There are several ads, but they all say something like, "Even for Shaq, it's a mouthful of chocolate taste." The slogan in the corner says, "When you're this big, they call you Mister."

Yeah? Who calls him "Mr. O'Neal," then?

Recognize this? (a parody of a line in a TV commercial)

A friend of mine told me I should buy Alanis Morissette's new CD.
I said, "Why? I already have a CD player."

"The beer the law won't let us call lite"

What does this mean? All the taste of "lite" beer with none of the benefits?

Is this what they meant to say?

The following list of slogans have been used in advertising. They have all left me with the feeling that the company does not really want me to interpret them the way which comes most naturally!

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