Esmerel: Wandering Among the Play Wagons

From here you can see several different plays being performed.

The main play wagons are over there.

You might want to take in the latest adventures of Kiri and the Orc.

Do you know Woodbridge?

You can see Sparrow talking about a magician's treasure and the two heroes who went into the land of monsters to retrieve it.

Over there is Silverberry Dye, the story of Lucius, an ordinary Walding who suddenly finds himself responsible for a magically-wounded wizard.

The wagon beside it has a story about a Roman soldier in ancient Britain.

From the United Kingdom, that magical place where Gavin's stories come from, comes a brief tale of a rights-of-way officer and a crop that wouldn't quit.

If you're not interested in a play right now, there's the path to the front gate.

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